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Originally Posted by raceu2 View Post
Another question. What is the deal with knives? Can you have one in your tank bag or another place on the bike? Not looking for defense but more for utility.

Seems to vary by region and circumstance. I know that some of the Mexican guys carry big hunting knives in a butcher block arrangement inside their top case. I have also been on a ride with some guys and one carried a Swiss Army knife on his belt. However, I have heard that local ordinances in some places, like Nuevo Laredo, make them knife phobic.

I put my multitool in my tank bag and leave my survival knife in the USA on most Mexican trips.

Once upon a time the military searched me and among the things that I had in my pocket was a Swiss Army knife. They didn't say a word about it. I was with a cab driver at the time and when I asked him about it he said "they know you are not a trouble maker"
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