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Originally Posted by snowman70 View Post
I mainly use my Macbook Air with Basecamp to plan the routes, together with Google Earth and Birdseye (great on the Montana!). For the weekend rides I do here in the United Arab Emirates and Oman the Montana is just perfect.

For an upcoming 10 day trip to Salalah, Oman I want to take my HPmini Netbook with me (upgraded with a SSD, sweet). The Question was now how to get the database from the Mac to the PC.

First I tried to make a Basecamp backup from the Mac and then transfer that file to the PC. Unfortunately, for whatever reason I could not complete the backup, some error message came up. Maybe too much data from the birdseye images? I don't know.
Nine times in ten, googling the exact text of an error message will tell you what is wrong. Fail to copy/google the exact text and you're out of luck most of the time - the level of precision is important for this kind of thing. After all, usually your software is telling you exactly what went wrong.

Originally Posted by snowman70 View Post
Nice would be now if I can just sync between Mac and PC, maybe somebody can help me out on this.
That is nontrivial unless you wish to spend some money, or feel like you can find and follow some free/open-source directions to the letter and can diagnose any minor hiccups along the way. (I'd start with rsync, but before that I'd suggest a novice not try it).
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