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Originally Posted by Ogre_fl View Post
Can someone explain this to me.

I have one of these running around my town with the huge matchbox car wheels and a big SUNKIST logo on the side.

Is it a drug thing or are these guys just really into frosted flakes and sunkist?
They're called "Donks" or "Hi-Risers" in the East and SE and "Risers" in the West. Scraper bikes are catching on as well and there's a kid in the neighborhood riding one made from a doubled-up frame.
I thought the graphics were usually a NASCAR team but now take on consumer product graphics, almost as a nickname. That one seems professionally done and they aren't just old school anymore!


The most striking donks have “themes,” lifted from pop culture — or, surprisingly often, branding. The Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush donk, built by Mr. Scrape Customs in Sumter, S.C., is a good example: its owner brought along a bottle of the stuff to Mr. Scrape and announced, “I want it to look like this,” explains Robbie Casselman, the shop’s director of sales and marketing. So the car mimics the screaming green color and includes a custom interior console with Hawaiian Punch labels under plastic, as well as a big logo on the trunk. Mr. Scrape has also built cars with Lucky Charms and Spider-Man themes. In addition to donks with color schemes inspired by Garfield or Sonic the Hedgehog, other logo-themed examples online or in the pages of Donk, Box & Bubble include McDonald’s, Newport cigarettes and Aquafina. From what both Scotto and Casselman say, this began largely as a matter of aesthetics and took a quick road to conspicuousness. Borrowing an appealing color combination from striking packaging seems to have led to a way of making form match function in total outrageousness.

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