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Thanks to everyone for a lot of extremely helpful comments. I had glanced at the Street Triple but for some reason didn't pay much attention to it--perhaps I mentally associated Triumph only with the vintage-style bikes and thus rejected the others--but I'll add this to my list. Everyone seems to like this machine a hell of a lot.

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But I have to admit I don't understand your aversion to the Virago 250, IF you fit on it.
I don't think I have an "aversion" to it, I think I said some pretty nice things about it! But it's not really the bike for me; I'm not that big a guy (5'11") but it's still uncomfortably small, and I'm not that keen on cruisers.

The Tuono seems like rather too much bike for me right now, and more than I really need to spend. (Regarding pricing--I'm not rich but I am committing to getting myself a bike, so my priority is more to get the bike that I truly want to ride, rather than getting a good used affordable bike that, for whatever reason (and some of these reasons may well be superficial ones) I won't be really psyched about.)

I'll definitely try to test a Bonnie to see what it's like. And thanks for the motorcycle-show suggestion--the NYC show is next month, so I think I can last that long in order to look at a bunch of things in person.
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