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Originally Posted by Tim_Tom View Post
A Tuono would be a whole lot of bike for someone with only a few months of riding!! No doubt that it is a nice enough bike, but for a NEW RIDER?! I don't think its a smart idea.

He has the right idea already of getting a bike in the 600-800cc range. Anything smaller is not enough, and anything bigger is too much.

I hear you, but this is my reasoning behind it. i am only talking about my personal experience and have no idea what kind of person the OP is.
The Tuono's engine is a very lazy and comfortable engine with tons of torque. It doesnt need to be rev'd up like a Hoover vacuum to move the bike. Only after 5.5K rpm the "real" power kick in. Yet you can cruise at 80mph at about 4.5k rpm.
The bike is not a featherweight weight wise but its incredibly balanced and low. So the key here is on your right fist. Feed as much as you KNOW you can handle.
Why would I get a bike a bit beyond my skill? BC I dont want to sell a bike 6 month down the road bc of boredom. Your recommendation on CCs is spot on though. I just like Aprilias and thought to plug them.
BTW I rather have more power than less. I own a 350 bored to 385 and its NOT fun on the streets around cars. Why? Bc it lacks the power to get me out of danger.
Anyway, point taken.
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