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Originally Posted by GSAragazzi View Post
So the key here is on your right fist. Feed as much as you KNOW you can handle.
Why would I get a bike a bit beyond my skill? BC I dont want to sell a bike 6 month down the road bc of boredom. Your recommendation on CCs is spot on though.
Anyway, point taken.
A new rider will LIKELY not have the skill required to deal with the full grunt of a bike. In my mind you should be comfortable on your bike everywhere, not just when using half the RPM range.

If you are determined to get a Euro bike, I actually think the Street Triple would be a very good choice. It looks fantastic, has some real power, but like the Aprilia mentioned above, it only offers as much as you give it. A friend of mine bought one last season and he loves it. Although it did have to go to the shop to replace a broken radiator (covered under warranty). It offers a great combination of being easy to ride, yet entertaining to experienced riders. It is a bike you can grow on, and as you become a better rider, it's limits will expand too.

I don't see how ANYONE could be bored of it in 6 months. For that matter many riders I know decide they need a bigger / better bike well before they have even touched the limits of what their current bike is capable of. That I think is a fault of the riders, not the bikes.

PS Navin, I agree with you 40hp is about the minimum I could live with. But 70 would be way better.
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