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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
You are not sounding like an a$$...I do not take online forums like that. I did not mean to sound anal either.

I guess my issue with your comments would be that you state..."we USE and still USE ATF" but then you say...."I use 0w-30 Semi synthetic" which is not a trans fluid at all.

Just to clarify, I LOVE synthetics as well. I use them in all of my race bikes. Not in cars, just too expensive and overkill for daily use stuff, but on tight tollerance stuff like motorcycle engines I use full or semi syn. I like semi because you get some of the natural oil qualities and the higher grade chemical properties of the of both worlds kinda deal.

You are right though that a trials bike is different than other machines. I have ridden a few and love them. I check in here from time to time just cause I love the dicipline. Maybe I should not have chimed in. My backround in mostly in MX, Dez, and Enduro. Yes I change my MX bike oil after every race weekend, 4 moto max if I am lazy. The heat and RPMs on an MX bike are definately higher so the foaming or frothing issue makes ATF a NO go on an MX bike, may be just fine on a trials bike though. I never said NOT to use it, if I did I am sorry, I meant that a person should always be well informed before using something other than what is reccomended and make the best choices.

I clearly also said that using something other than reccommended is common practice and often has benefits.

I just was raising a flag for the OP to make sure before he jumps....

Not being confrontational just asking- Are you also telling the OP that he should use 0w-30 4 stroke engine oil in his 2 stroke? {I am aware we are talking gearbox oil and not premix oil}
I am just glad that my post wasn't over the top, I almost deleted it, as I read it for the 3rd time, groaning that (oh boy, this will pi$$ someone off, tho I dont mean to). Kind of glad you got it, and that you understood what I cant put into words sometimes. that feeling like I want you to know it is not like some posts where some guy jumps in and says "try this" that those in that area of whatever it is, says "never heard of that."

I also commend the knowledge you have, I would expand on that, to learn more myself but that would create a post that is bigger than I can keep my ADHT mind on track for.

Nice to meet you both, lol. Motorhead and Kellymac.
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