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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
Just hooked up the GTX 660 today and damn PC games can look nice

I finished Assassins Creed 1 Saturday and loaded up 3 (it was free with the card) to see the graphics and :
I've been playing ACIII and find it entertaining. Mostly because of the research they did to develop the game. I find the main story line too rail-like. Lots of quick go from point A to B and you're done. I find the hunting/stalking the most fun. Either animals or man. The game really want you to use a console controller though. You can't really do the lockpicking without the rumble. I also found the snares and bait to be useless. it's a lot easier and faster to stalk from the bushes and do an airborne attack then waste your time with traps. The other issue I've had is with game bugs. I rolled back my drivers 306.97 and got way fewer video crashes. I still get some but not nearly as many and I did before. Also, I've had problems where I've fallen outside of the world, multiple times. I'm only at 30% through the game. I couldn't get the hang of the stupid mini games to get money so I just killed the animals to extinction.
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