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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
Actually, the tank expanding is what caused the nuts to spin. DAMHIK....

But but lost confidence in the MTS12 because your dealer broke your tank panels? Any dealer that would knowingly break something on a bike without having the replacement part on hand should be flogged....or was it an emergency and there was a little baby bird trapped under the tank and it was going "cheep cheep cheep" with it's dying breath and they just HAD to get it out....

I lost confidence, because of being unable to DIY install of mirrors with turn signals so I could replace the flimsy and now broken handguards. I had to take it in, as I could not get the panels off. Red thread locker applied at the factory. The turn signals plug in behind the airbox which is under the tank along with the heated grips plug.

I could have gotten kit to replace the embedded nuts (they glue into pockets on the tank), but the bike was under warranty, so I took to dealer. 200+ miles away and working under a 2 week backlog of work. 2 trips, over 3 weeks.

Now I am just talking about what happened to my bike, I will not mention what is going on with some others. I think you all know what I am talking about. Like BMW, the DUC comes with some dealer help required and extended warranty is recommended. My S10 has been out of warranty since July 27th. Hmmmm.
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