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Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
I've been playing ACIII and find it entertaining. Mostly because of the research they did to develop the game. I find the main story line too rail-like. Lots of quick go from point A to B and you're done. I find the hunting/stalking the most fun. Either animals or man. The game really want you to use a console controller though. You can't really do the lockpicking without the rumble. I also found the snares and bait to be useless. it's a lot easier and faster to stalk from the bushes and do an airborne attack then waste your time with traps. The other issue I've had is with game bugs. I rolled back my drivers 306.97 and got way fewer video crashes. I still get some but not nearly as many and I did before. Also, I've had problems where I've fallen outside of the world, multiple times. I'm only at 30% through the game. I couldn't get the hang of the stupid mini games to get money so I just killed the animals to extinction.
I'm screwed then, I use an Xbox 360 controller with the rumble motors physically disconnected since there is no global toggle for the rumble feature on the PC (you'd think they would include that in the driver).
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