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I agree certain oils were made for a specified use. Most of the disagreement on oils for the gas gas stems from problems of friction plate swelling. The early years of the pro are to blame. Everyone was confused and scrambling to find solutions. For those that have no clue(you were not involed with this fiasco) we changed to thinner steel plates as the plates swelled. Instead of wearing the friction material grew. You did not hear that one in any oil seminar I`m sure.
There are other reasons automotive oil is used now. Or should we say 4 stroke, instead of 2 stroke transmission/clutch.
The newer pro`s actually lube the mains with transmission oils. That blows the crap out of which oil to use.Trials bikes work better with as light as velocity that we can get away with. Name one oil maker that makes an oil specified for trials engines. We usually ride around at 5-20 mph for short periods of time and change oil often. Being most bikes take less than 500cc one bottle is good for 2 changes. Not a sport the oil companies are making money on. So there is no great standard on oil.
For more fun why can we get away with 100:1 and not to many other engines. Hmmm because we ride slow and put little use on our motors in reality.
Mitch I like your choice of oils too, for a newer bike!
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