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Sorry it's been a while since I updated this thread. Work on the engine is progressing slowly. As usual what starts out as a simple reseal quickly turned into a top end rebuild. I found what was probably the main cause of the top end oil leak. It appears that the replacement cylinder that I installed many miles ago had a casting flaw in the oil return passage. The passage is way offset from the hole back into the case, so much so that a section of the O-ring collapses into it instead of sealing against it. So a new cylinder was a must and has been ordered. Also the area of the head where the cam rides is scored pretty badly as well as the bearing area of the cam itself, probably from the same incident that burned up the piston, cylinder, and crankshaft which I had to replace, courtesy of a previous owner. The reasoning behind me not inspecting the head during the original rebuild has been lost to the passage of time. The engine has run well for about 25,000 miles with the cam bearing surfaces all scored up, but this trip will be hard enough on the little engine, even in top shape, so I want a fresh cylinder head for the journey. The OEM Honda head has been discontinued so I ordered a complete aftermarket (Lifan, I think) cylinder head. The cam in this head rides on ball bearings, which is nice. Upon disassembling the oil pump, it was pretty rough inside as well. Again the bike ran good enough, but I don't want to reassemble it with a marginal oil pump. After a little internet searching, I found a new genuine Honda oil pump. I also got a new Honda piston, wrist pin, and piston rings as the cost was minimal and its already this far apart. Amazingly the cheapo $50 aftermarket crankshaft assembly that I installed years ago in the original rebuild has held up fantastic. I also ordered new clutch plates and springs for the little bike. Right now I am just waiting on the parts to arrive to begin reassembly. On a side note, I finally got my other ride, a 1980 Honda CB125S, running well enough to make the commute to work on, so that has been exciting.

Conchscooter your words are wise. I am just going to keep it simple. Really the only thing I changed performance-wise are the front and rear shocks. That was mostly because I didn't want to ruin my NOS Honda rear shocks that I had acquired after several years of searching. Honestly the stock shocks are a little on the weak side all around with just me on it, let alone with another 50 pounds of stuff.

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