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Busy, busy!

Been very busy at work and doing the holiday thing. I guess it's as good a time as any for some updates

As stated above, David finished up the engine. We mounted up an external oil cooler that is a sandwich type-adapter that installs between the motor and the oil filter and diverts oil to the cooler once it exceeds a certain temperature. I believe its 165 degrees, but I forget right now. David and I mounted the cooler in front of the radiator.

Here is basically what we installed, I can't find the photo I took right now.

Only I bought mine from Rock Auto and saved a few bucks. Besides cooling, another obvious advantage to this is the increased oil capacity too.

One thing about this project which is great is that I am finding all kinds of cool car stuff while searching around the interwebs for parts and things. When you have a project, with a timeline and a specific design, it becomes much more focused of a task when searching around PUI.

I drove the car back from David's shop (about 110 miles) with no issues. In fact, we tried to get the motor to get real hot, but I think with the combination of the coated pistons and the oil cooler, the motor is running at an optimum temp without getting hot. Of course, it is not 100 degrees outside and we are not running full throttle across a dry lake bed either

Here's some more pictures of the coated stuff, the pistons each have three different coatings exhibiting different characteristics. David would have to elaborate on this. I hope to have Dave also talk more about the Lego aspect of Subaru motors as it is pretty damn cool and is part of why there is such a cult following for Subarus.

The next day, I met up with OSR's resident doctor

No, not that one...this one:

Alex was driving through and I happened to be at OSR's designer Lonnie's house so we had lunch. I then let him take the Subaru for a little test run, just to show him how smooth the motor was. There are no photos of this, because for this type of thing, you don't want any evidence floating around. Let's just say that I have a strong feeling based on our little test run that this old beat-up Subaru would have no issues at all reaching triple digit speeds quickly and hanging out there for quite awhile

I mean, if there was ever a need for something like that

Alex left, and as I was driving home, going the speed limit, I noticed the oil light come on and then some serious smoke coming out of the engine compartment!!

I immediately pulled over and shut her down. Well, one of the oil cooler lines had come off and successfully sprayed the entire engine bay with oil! Of course I had no tools and no oil, so I made some calls. The local fire chief (and my neighbor) picked me up, brought me home to get tools and oil, then back to simply tighten the hoses and go. David later told me that he thought I tightened them up (even though he was the one who installed, I said, "Yep, I must have forgot, sorry"

(Racing hint #245 - Never piss off your mechanic, especially if you don't pay him regularly).

Now, here is a cool part of this story that I think the 2012 M1K OSR crew will appreciate. I was scavenging through the garage looking for a few quarts of oil, and there they were:

See, there was a point in the last M1K where the bike needed oil so OSR's photographer Loud Al, the same guy that helped Doug out when his wheel disintegrated, set out to find some. He came back with something like 8 quarts of the 40 weight pictured above! It was all the little store had.

We did not end up using them all, and somehow they made it back to my garage. I was wondering, what the hell am I going to use straight 40 weight oil in on the mild Oregon Coast. Well, Karma has a way of showing you! I grabbed the Mexican oil and put it into the Subaru. I found it very appropriate that our 2013 M1K race car had oil bought somewhere south of the Bay of LA in Baja running through its veins during its break-in miles!

We did our first oil change at right around 500 miles and then put in some Mobil 1, which is probably what we will run because it is good and cheap at the Walmart near David's shop. We at OSR do not like to get into oil debates, so don't worry about chiming in on this thread about which oil we should use. Like Loud Al has said before, and its proven to be true throughout our adventures: "The most important thing about oil is to make sure you have some in the motor." And that's all I want to say about that.

Ray the welder called, he said the car will be measured this week and tubing ordered.

Then I will be dragging Cory (Twinduro) down from Washington to help prep the body for paint!

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