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Originally Posted by VStromTom View Post
Ditto the "you don't need to spend a lot of $ for a tent" sentiments already posted. Been using on sale tents from discounters and Wally's on sale for years. Never leaked, never blown over, never had a pole break, pack small, light wt, etc. Don't drink the you gotta spend alot to get a good tent bullshit, cause that's exactly what it is! IMO of course.
Meh... I think "you get what you pay for" applies here. The key word for me in your post is "tents" as in several "throw away" type items I suppose. I prefer to find a good product and use it as long as possible. Less haste, less waste.

I bought one of the first geodesic dome tents from Taymor back in 1982. It lasted till my kids took it to a concert at the gorge in 2010. They and several friends had a party in it and busted the zipper. I lived in that tent for six months at a time TWICE during long tours through Mexico and Guatemala during the 80's and countless campouts over those many years. I can't recall what I paid for it but it seemed expensive to me at the time. Not now! 28 years use out of a tent is pretty darn good.

I replaced it with a good two man tent from MEC that should ride out any storm and last a heck of a long time as well. Time will tell but it should outlive me!
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