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Most tents go to crap becuase people store them in the stuff sack for long periods of time. This is horrible for the tent material and you WILL ruin a tent doing it over time.

I've slept in tents ranging from 20 dollars to 300 dollars. Right now I'm in a mid range 2 person tent made by Kelty. Didn't cost me an arm and a let but isn't a crappy as some of the Colemans at Wally Mart.

One of the biggest areas of failure in the cheap tents is the poles. They are usually thin, spindly and fragile and give easily in high winds having parts of the tent laying over the top of you instead of holding it's shape. They sometimes have a tendency to snap in high winds, I've seen lots of snapped tent poles out of cheap tents. The higher end tents usually use some sort of aluminum instead of the fiberglass the cheaper ones use and they hold up much better and are much stronger in higher winds.

The next area which is a big deal to me cause I do a lot of backpacking also is material weight. The cheap tents tend to weigh a ton compared to a higher end tents.

I've had condensation issues with lower end tents that I simply haven't had in the more expensive ones.
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