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There's a British tent marque, Vango who I really like for the money. They make the Force Ten tents, which have been around for ever and as the name suggests, are great in high winds. They do make some mid-high priced tents, but practically everything they make, even their cheaper stuff, that I've tried is great. For pack size I've still yet to come across anything (at any price) as good as the Spectre 300 for a 2-3 man tent for motorbike camping. Poles fold down nice and short to fit in panniers, pitches as one, waterproof, good control over venting, green colour that's great for stealth camping.

A few people will tell you that you need self supporting tents, but I have never had a situation where I couldn't pitch a 'normal' tent. You just need to learn how to make and use improvised deadmen and take the right peg for the ground. To me, they're just not worth the weight/pack size penalty (and generally, high cost).

Motorcycle-specific tents are going to be costly in part because there's such a limited market for them. At least a $500 normal tent can be sold to mountaineers, serious hikers, etc. if it's limited to people on large motorbikes are prepared to carry a massive tent, you have a small market share. You'll struggle to recoup R&D costs and won't have the economies of scale of people who produce regular tents. Consequently, generally speaking, you'll get less tent for the money.
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