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Originally Posted by duck View Post
Bullshit. This only happens if you store a tent in the stuff sack with any moisture in it. Get home. Set your tent up and let it dry out before putting it away. No issues.
Plus one; dry your tent (and if it's dirty clean it) when you get it home and then put it back in the stuff sack for storage. Takes up less space, good to go ready for next time and it will be fine. The scout troop I was a leader at did this with dozens of different tents; absolutely no problems, despite some of the tents being stored for almost a decade without an 'airing' at one stage.

It's people putting away tents that are wet that's the problem. I've gotten into the habit of unpacking in the garage as I get home from a trip and laying the tent out to dry in there. 2 days later, I put it back in the bag and take it into the house.
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