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Anyway, some think the wide/spot combo is the best of both worlds. The 44s, even though they are floods, on paper actually do better than the spots at any distance just because they have more lumens (the 60s better yet) My reason for having the lights is deer. I am very happy with my pair of 44s...Sanjoh has a great product and exemplary customer they light up the ditches and the middle distance very well. I still dream of the range of high quality 6" driving lights so I could see animals 3-400 yards down the road, but my grasp of physics tells me this is nearly impossible with anything small enough that I would want to hang on a bike. Big reflectors will always outperform small ones. Life is a compromise.
Definitely offroad the wide beams rock!
Where I believe a spot has an advantage over a flood is that it doesn't light up reflective signs at the side of your vision as much. I believe my eyes may be more sensitive than others to this but I find anything bright in my peripheral vision kills my night vision (I even cover the blue high beam indicator on long trips!). Understand this is just me...I haven't found too many who share this opinion.
So you need to light up the distance AND the ditches, without lighting them up so much that road signs are all that you can see? I am very keen to read the reviews on the new spots! It looks like they might be the answer.
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