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Originally Posted by FamilyRider View Post
Inspired by rensho's suggestion, I installed a couple pieces of Velcro to secure my mud guard to the swing arm. I am not sure if it will work - the Velcro doesn't stick too well to the swing arm. I don't know if that is because it is so cold in my garage, or if it because of the rough surface.

I also noticed that there were a few wear marks on the guard caused by my D606 tire - probably during the few times I hit around 70 mph. My guess is that the wind blew the guard back into the tire, so if this Velcro sticks, it may just solve the problem of tire wear.
I would get that type of velcro that has the more positive clicking teeth and loops.. like they use for EZPass mounting. I now use it for everything on my motorcycles. That normal velcro wont last at all for that application.. no way it is going to hold up to a 70mph wind. There is a name for this stuff.. but I cant think of what they call it so I got lazy and just searched for EZPass velcro HD/Lowes/Ace hadware usually have the same thing.
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