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I am an admitted gear snob...i am not proud of that fact and i attribute it to my upbringing in the cradle of materialism OC CA. So be it... this is one of my few vices. I have a garage full of name brand expensive tents..and I would bet I haven't bought my last... that being said I don't see any reason a cheapo Walmart tent wouldnt serve for many years as a MC tent... my tents all serve double duty as backpacking tents so I pay a premium to get the weight down to a minimum. On my R1200 that is not an issue so i could certainly see using a Wally world tent if didn't already have a garage full of expensive tents. Go read Walter Colebatch's current ride report...a Coleman tent made that trip all the way across Kazakhstan and Mongolia. If you aren't concerned about weight/pack size i think a cheaper tent will serve you well. Learn how to tie it down...prob have to buy a few extra pegs and tie down lines, as the cheapo tents don't always come with them. IMHO YMMV

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