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Originally Posted by tkitna View Post
Yeah, I want Jennings. The Packers have gotten their use out of those players though. They've provided the championships and now it'll be time to try and replace some of those players. Jennings wont kill you though. Nelson, Cobb, and Jones are all more than capable. Compare that to Seattles receivers and you have an over paid Rice (finally a healthy season), Tate, and Baldwin. Lynch is our only superstar if you can even make that claim. Seattles young secondary is awesome though and hopefully we can keep them all. I hate Carroll, but I have to give him and Schneider credit for drafting players for specific reasons and actually playing them regardless of age and experience. It seems to be working right now anyways.
I'd love for Jennings to come back but with his age/injuries i doubt they'll pay what he wants., mainly hope he doesn't go to a rival. We need a stud rb like peterson and the offense would be unstoppable, or a legit rb so we're not so 1 sided. but they never can pull the trigger on a guy or get a better o-line.

Your defense is doing really good this year, a ton better than ours, we're young but theres guys stepping up and making plays. We need to get another guy to step up on the line to help Ragi and Matthews so we can have some sort of pass rush which will help our secondary. It can be fustrating building thru the draft but look at the eagles all-star defense and how that turned out.
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