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All this talk of the "drill" to start is great, but there are times when no matter how closely you follow the drill, the F'n bike just won't start.

I had a vintage Triumph that if you followed the drill, including kicking through with the gas on, carbs tickled, ignition off, would start on the first kick with the key on, or not. 90% of the time yes, others you could kick till you were blue in the face, and it wouldn't start. Try again 20 minutes later and it would start on the first kick.

Same situation with the SR500, except once that one wouldn't start, you might as well wait till tomorrow, because it wasn't going to start easily.

Threw my back out several times trying to start the SR500, which is why I finally sold it.

2 stroke with kick start, great. No more 4 stroke thumpers without the button.

My first bike in 1965 had electric start (305 Superhawk), why not now?
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