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Originally Posted by scottcolbath View Post
Today I hooked up with a smart person in town, and a fellow airport commissioner. We took his Cessna 172 up to get some air shots of the newly surfaced runway at our airport.

The road directly at the bottom of the pics is U.S. 60, AKA the California Highway. It was how you got to Los Angeles back in the old days. At the top of the pics, you can see another highway crossing the pic. That is highway 93, which takes you to Vegas in about 230 miles.

To the right of the runway are hangars for local aircraft. To the left are a few businesses; one being Bearcat Mfg. ( When you see a road being paved, it's likely that oil tanker trucks which spray the oil down before the tar goes down were made by Bearcat. I have a few friends who work there, including one dude who can weld beer cans together. He's pretty good at welding.

It was fucking cold up there, and I was shooting with the window open some of the time. Goddamm, I hate the cold!

Beautifull spot, what I love to see after along day. Cold ?? what do you call cold ??
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