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After checking out different models made over the years and delving into 22" class c too i'm leaning towards this class b from the mid to late 90s.

It's made by coachmen on a ford or gm 350 chasis. most are ford. they were made until the year 2000 so you'll find v10s as well as older 460s and some V8s plus the occasional GM.

understand there are 3 of us, so what i like is it has a front cab over for my daughter to sleep and then my wife and i can sleep on the fold out couch plus this config. has a rear dinning area/table that is also a sleeping area.

this is the setup I like http://www.campingworldofhillsboro.c...oachmen/196086
and the other being a rear throne toilet and small shower.
the rear toilet/shower layout seemed to waste space imo. but most all the mfg were doing it this way.

with the rear dining area, i have a separate place to do computer work while someone is say chillin on the coach. the toilet is just a small compact spot on the side w/ some fast privacy curtain if needed. the shower is outside, which is plenty.
the topper portion is not are huge as the airstream e190 and like i said this has a rear dinnete/bed vrs wastefull attempt at a shower inside the van.

these can be had for 10-15K and i'd figure on another few k fixing things up and lift it a inch or 2 plus add a locker.
i'd put a bike on the back and we'd head to baja & beyond.

has anyone here owned one of these or know about them???
i can't find any info/broshorse on them only some listed for sale.

any other mfg making this type of class B in the 90s w/ hard shell topper that afforded sleeping in a cab over sense?
i'm talking topper, not the whole rear fiberglass & wider unit class B+ thing. i must say that kodiak vxl2000 from canada is sweet but bigger and alot more $ used. if it was just the 2 of us the layout would be easier to find but with a child also needing a place to sleep and area to call her own the cab-over is kinda needed.

i could go up to B+ or short 22" class c but the more and more I think about it, I like the narrower pure van based. we will drive it all over mexico and openings are tighter in that country on the mainland.

so far i've found airstream b-190, coachmen 19(?) & some saying falcon.

my thought was by the time i just bought a 350 class van and started out fitting it it could way more $, plus all that time vrs a factory built class B rv. of course a diesel & 4x4 converted coachmen 19 would be the bomb but i'm not holding my breath hoping to that find unicorn.

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