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For those who care, these are fascinating animals. As the Yukon Environment site notes, "most like man" in several ways, finding a place in myth and legend. When you see what they can do (the cabin photos) but typically don't, you realize that they're actually pretty mild mannered, and with the cautions many posters have noted, aren't a big issue when camping. click on black and grizzly bears, and whatever else strikes your fancy. If the Least Weasel was bigger, we'd live in fear, it has attitude!

Also: and and several others.

Yukon male grizzly: 500 to 800 pounds. Coastal Alaskan grizzly sucking back salmon and lounging in the rain: up to twice that.

Yukon black bear average male weight in spring is about 180 to 240 pounds, about 20%+ more in fall. In Yellowstone, about 260 pounds is an average male weight, in New York State, about 300 pounds, Great Smoky National Park, around 250. 600 pounds would be a record bear, although there have been exceptionally large bears recorded.

A bear biologist told me that in coastal regions, after salmon, black bear is the #2 protein in a grizzly bear's diet. Hmmm.
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