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The clutch issue is usually simple. I assume that while you had it apart for the crank seals you checked and cleaned the clutch disc and inspected them...? Not sure on that yz60, but most have a small ball bearing on the end of the clutch acutator push rod, if that got left out, EASY TO MISS, then the feel will be wrong and cause VERY rapid wear on the clutch basket and push rod. If it even works at all.

If those issues are good, then the other issues could be a worn actuator shaft {not the push rod, but the arm the clutch cable pills on} making for a notchy feel in the lever.

Most likely though, the problem is just in the cable. To replace it is easy and probably $15-20. You will likely have to try to match it up to some newer model like a KX60/65 or maybe a KTM 65.

First though I would try and clean and lube the cable that is there. This is simple, get a bucket, like a 5gal andcoil the cable into the bottom. Pour some solvent in the bucket deep enough to completely cover the cable, I like Mineral Spirits personally because it is a bit oily feeling so it aids in not only cleaning but also lubing and braking the grime loose.

I let it soak over night and then start pushing and pulling to full extension for a few minutes, let it soak a bit more and work it back and forth every few minutes until it slide completely freely. If there are any kinks in the housing or cable, or any fraying of the inner cable wires it will usually never free up.

If the cable is now free and works smoothly, dry it off really well, and then I usually soak it for a bit in ATF, this penetrates well, lubes well, and seems to attract less dirt than motor oil soaking. There are actual cable lube sprays but I find a good soak works the best. You can spray it off with some carb or brake spray on the outside of the housing to clean it off, I usually hang the cables vertically to let the excess oil drain out then wipe it off and install.

The last place to service is the actual clutch lever on the handlebars. Take off the lever and inspect the lever and the pivot bolt for any wear or grooves and that the bolt is the propper shank type bolt and not some temporary fix with a regular bolt that is grooving up the lever. After cleaning and inspecting well then a bit of light grease on the pivot bolt and reassemble.

Smooth as butter and easily pull should be evident or there may be one of the other issues I mentioned.

Lastly, if your son likes riding, start saving for a 125cc bike, that 60 is WAY to small for a 13 yr old unless he is really small for his age. Fine to learn on, but way undersuspended and small.
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