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Anyone have trouble with a tight feeling, surging throttle on the road?

When riding on faster roads it feels like my throttle is tight and harder to turn. It also feels like very little input is needed so the throttle is very on and off. This combination makes my right wrist hurt and hand cramp up fairly quickly on the road. Makes riding it on the road kinda annoying. Seems like I am either accelerating or decelerating. This is my first street legal bike so maybe this is something I just have to get used to? Maybe a different throttle tube cam thing? Too much engine braking because of too much exhaust back pressure? Anything else I can do? The way it feels now I can't see how any of you do 100 miles on the road with this bike much less the several hundred miles some of you are reporting. I not really seem to notice it offroad since I am off and on the throttle.

In case it matters I am still on the stock six days tires, wheels have been balanced. Modified end cap, stock exhaust. 14/48 gearing.
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