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Originally Posted by BC Brian View Post
glad you liked it stoney4vida

I had read all about Uly's before I bought mine (just for reading sake, actually, as I hadn't really planned on buyinng one for the trip) and they do have some bad press. ECMs, front motormounts,wheel bearings, blah blah. But, no one usually writes in on forums about how GOOD their bike's running :)

If a guy reads to much about anything,he would never buy anything (BMW singles and water pumps, BMW Rs and final drives, not to mention Harleys (especially Shovels and Pans)

A guy just has to get on a bike he likes and go!!

Thanks for the invite and if I am down that way again I will look you up

I think a Kentucky to Alaska on a Panhead RR might bea good read...... and......You would have to go right by my place on the way there. Just sayin'.....................
Kentucky to Alaska on a Panhead hmmmm sounds like it would definitely be an adventure. Rode a 1960 hardtail panhead to Sturgis from Chicago area back in 92. around 985 miles in 2 days. Wasn't to bad, had about 20 lbs of air in back tire, so had some cushion. of course it helped that I was 27 years old. Definitely give a holler if you ever get down this way.
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