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I guess first we do the disclaimer. These are my thoughts after an hour or so on a brand new demo bike that only have 40km (25 miles) on the odo when I picked it up. I am not a bike reviewer or a pro rider and I haven't ridden a serious off road bike for about 15 years (a serious off road bike is an Enduro or MX or Trials bike imo).

All Australian Terras will be delivered to the delearships as LAMs approved which means that they need to be de restricted prior to delivery to fully licenced riders. For various reasons (read the bureaucracy wheels at VicRoads turning slowly) the bike I rode was in it's LAMs state and therefore not only new but also about 12 hp down on the version I and most here would actually purchase. To be honest for a new bike I didn't notice any lack of power.

The Terra is it's natural state.

The first thing I noticed was that the bike fits me and feels great (mostly) ergonomics wise. FWIW I'm 175cm (5'9") and around 76 kg (168 lbs). The mostly was the standing position. The bars are simply too low even for me so risers or higher profile bars are likely to be a hot seller for Terras. One thing I would want to do first though is ride the bike without the rubber foot peg inserts. Removing them will lower you feet nearly 1" which may affect whether risers are needed. The foot peg rubbers also cause another issue. The rear brake pedal is too low, way to low to easily use standing. I suspect removing the rubbers will help greatly here as well.

Some random photographic observations.

Right side of the engine. Not sure who wll these wires will fare with long term exposure to the elements.

Yes the head really is red but I'm glad valve checks are only every 20,000km (12,000 miles)

Rather exposed rear brake hardware I bet the boys and girls at Touratech are working on a cover as wee speak. Also note the threaded hole in the footpeg hanger I would say that is for luggage but it could be very useful to DIY people.

Area of concern 1. Under the engine. I knew that there was no guard but sheesh that oil line is asking for damage from sticks being flicked up from the wheel (very common here). The good news is that B+B are taking this very bike in early January to design a decent bash plate.

What the ground sees as you pass over

Area of concern 2. There is literally mm between the rear of the front guard and the radiator core. I cannot even get my pinky finger between the two. I suspect that it is going to be difficult to build a decent radiator guard and this radiator imo is very exposed. The good news is that B+B will be looking at this at the same time as the bash plate.

Exhaust routing

and the good news is that if anybody wants to change the cans it should just be a slip on exercise

Displaying the family history

Many parts are branded BMW including the battery

a lot of the electrical components

and there is even a BMW roundel cast into the front hub.

I guess from an after market or spares point of view this is a good thing.

Speedo drive off the rear wheel by the looks of things.

There is a nice little space to the right of the key that would be perfect for a power outlet

Once you get the seat off it looks like there is still quite a few plastic pieces to remove before you expose the air filter. When you fuel the bike there is a very small catch area under the filler cap and fuel runs via a small diameter tube down the right side of the air filter. Don't plan on quick pit stops and you people in California have my sympathies with your silly press fit fuel nozzle things.

What did I like?

Basically the whole package with a couple of minor quibbles and one major one. Great engine, suspension seems well suited for the intended task, nice low centre of balance with large steering lock (sitting on the seat full lock turns in either direction don't even require any thought). Pretty obviously there is no wind protection and being a big 4 stroke single the mirrors only give a general idea of whats behind you at anything above about 70 kph (40mph) but vibration to the rider was perfectly acceptable. The seat is comfortable but only a 300 miles plus day will really confirm that.

No evidence of stalling or even thinking about stalling.

The side stand stayed down and was rock solid in the down position. I can't say I noticed any issues between it and my heel when riding either.

Minor quibbles

No bash plate as standard
This will be a very SLOW bike to refuel. The gas runs off to one side immediately underneath the cap through a tube smaller than a gas station nozzle. Nobody will be doing a splash and dash on this bike.
Messy electical wiring on the right side of the engine.

Major quibble.

The stand but not what you think. The foot of the stand is about 1" in diameter it's only marginally bigger than the stand tube itself. Any ground other than asphalt or hard packed sun dried clay and this stand will spear itself straight towards the centre of the earth. My Wee Strom has about three times the area of the foot as this thing. I can understand asving a few dollars on a bash plate and selling it as an option but this stand will simply cause damage via a fall over to virtually any Terra that is taken off road. Be warned. and get you mate with the welder to solve the problem as soon as you take your Terra home or carry one of those foot rest things that go under that stand or improve Touratechs profitability by buying the plate extension I'm sure that they will have on the market very quickly.

Will I buy?

Can't actually see any reason not to. I just need to have a serious chat with the dealer about how keen he is to sell after Christmas.

BTW. There are a couple of extra photos I haven't posted here for anybody who wants more.

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