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After doing my initial research, I went with the Firstgear for two reasons. The first was the many positive reveiws of it and the W&S, and second I have a well stocked semi local dealer. It does seem well built.
I think I may just stick with what I got. If I need the 2 zone later, I guess I can sell the single. Until then, I'm not out the extra few dollars or the trip back to the store to exchange it.

I think I may hook it up to my power supply with a watt meter hooked up in line and see exactly what it is pulling at different power levels.
I thought of doing this earlier, but didn't want to take it out of the package if I was going to need to exchange any of it.

I may have a bit of time this weekend, if I'm lucky.

Also, does anyone know how many "spare" watts a DRZ puts out.

Thanks, Ryan
A couple of things, first the DRZ puts out 200 watts not as much as I would like but after making a few changes on the bike it works out OK with my heated gear.I changed out the headlight to an HID, a nice savings of 35 watts or so from my Halogen bulb (plus twice the light). Changed my rear stop/running light to LED another nice savings. And lastly ran 14 gauge wires directly from the regulator to the battery bypassing the poor OEM wiring and plugs.

I run a 75 watt jacket and 17 watt gloves with no problem now, my newly installed voltage indicator never drops below 12.5 volts. And to be on the safe side I shut everything down 5 minutes before I get to my destination.

When you check your current draw test it when riding if you can, I know my setup draws very little juice when standing still when I'm on the bike and the wind and cold are blowing through my jacket that's when you see the real draw,

If you're really worried. get the kick start option for the DRZ, around $200, something I have been thinking about.

Ron W.
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