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What he said. You can write much of it in Microsoft Word off line, do your proofing and spell check, copy and paste, and then you retain a ""word" copy for yourself, for that day you make a coffee table book for your friends...

I will say that I use Photobucket on a near daily basis. I have tried to copy Photobucket image "code" into Word documents so I could later copy and paste it while running ebay or Craig's list ads for things for sale, with lots of detail and photographs. That being said, the hangup I ran into was, Word did not seem to like the "code" when I pasted it in. Initially, it looked ok, it's just code, right, but when I copied and pasted it again from Word into forums, Craigs, ebay, etc., the code for my images would be polluted and not appear correctly.

MY fix:

I open a blank Windows Live e-mail screen, like I was creating an e-mail to send to someone. I skip the header information cause I am never going to send it anyway. I "compose" my Craigs, ebay or ADV forum text in the body of the e-mail, and it can be saved as a draft and re-opened later. I can also paste "code" from Photobucket, etc., easily into that screen, and when I copy and paste from Windows Live, the code/photos and text does not fight with each other and it comes out just fine.

The other way to look at it is, you typically have an e-mail program up and running in the background somewhere anyway, right?

Just a thought. Below is a screen shot from an open Windows Live screen, you can maybe see that in addition to having the e-mail program open in the tabs at the bottom of the "screen", that I have a tab open to ADVrider and to my Image Hosting choice, Photobucket. You can also see the image code. That screen of data was ready to be copied and pasted into an ADV forum posting, etc.

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