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Originally Posted by lesteryeong View Post
I am going to revisit a thread about installing HID on the XR400. I have a set of 35W H/L HID for motorbike. I wish to have it installed. I have a DC voltage regulator. but a, unsure what I need to do to make the HID work. I have a small 12V battery on hand (3.7Ah), large size capacitor (can't recall what is the rating). I tried wiring it up before to the DC regulator and it would die off at idle as I believe the stator could not handle the voltage spiking. Anyone has got success in similar installation?
HIDs are rated at 35W, that's the run requirment, they require around 50W for a couple of seconds to start up. 35W is well within the stators output provided the RPMs stay above about 2500. Once the bike rpms drop down to idle the HID relies on the battery (if you have one) to keep running. The stator doesn't make enough power to keep a battery up AND run the HID. Stock, the 400s stator just won't run a 35W HID reliabily, it will need a battery and a highoutput stator. The shutting off and starting back up of the HID as it tries to run off the shock output will ruin the ballast rather quickly also.
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