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Not being confrontational just asking- Are you also telling the OP that he should use 0w-30 4 stroke engine oil in his 2 stroke? {I am aware we are talking gearbox oil and not premix oil}
I didnt see this question, my bad.

Here's what we know. the bike and manuals from gasgas comes with motor oil in the transmission/clutch area (all the same area oil wise). Yes, I am suggesting he use it in his transmission like I do, at only a suggestion. They widely known alternative was ATF. Anywho, I like the yamalube better than ATF of any flavor, well except one...

*** I used GM autotrac 2 transmission fluid, for a 4 year period, at least up until 2 years ago, I think it was. BUT, GASGAS UK thinks they had preponderance of evidence, that particular oil was causing problem with many cluches on man bikes... They "had" a bulletin on uk's gasgas page somewhere, but I cannot find it now. So, when that came out and to our attentions, I also weaned myself off that stuff. BUT on at least 6 gasgas pro models I owned, I Never had a problem with that oil, but I am not one that will go back to $7 per quart oil, and against what GG UK believes (uk has more riders/bikes than USA, I think). So we tried a few other options, and like the Yamalube. I probably shouldn't have given my parts/mechanic's secret oil, LOL.

Oh, and BTW:
just because Yamalube "remarks on the label, that it is great for snow mobiles" as far as they are concerned, it is just marketing wise, this means little, other companies bottle up 0/30 tell you it is for lawnmowers in cold climates? Never the less... I use "sewing machine, lightweight oil" for many things, like on many other devices, from RC cars, to general purpose, oiling... Doesnt have to be a friggin "SEWING MACHINE" that I use it on... ya know.

If you are going to put the GASGAS TRIALS BIKES into a harder USE than our easy little "trials competitions" are going to put them in, then you need to pick a better duty oil. I say if you live and RIDE in the desert ON the equator, and plan to riding something like the "DAKAR RALLY" on these things, then you might need 20/50 in there to combat the way heat thins the oil? I dont know this but surely someone would know by now.

If you are in the states, probably get by just fine with ATF or 0w/30 motor oils, in trials modes.

How hot is it in New Mexico on trials days? It has been 106+F, at one trials this past summer here in Kansas, August I think it was, but that heat is a humid heat, causes more problems to riders than bikes... But I dont know, if it is 115+F in New Mexico, but dry... which is worse?

FWIW, and to start more arguements... I use a additive, water wetter (or its competitor) in my radiator with my 50/50 antifreeze mix.

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