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I have some heavy lifting coming up, so I decide to make a roll-around gantry crane...

I've been eyeballing this hoist on Craigslist for some time, and finally get the coin to make it happen. The seller was awesome and had all kinds of cool inventions he came up with using his MIG. I didn't really want to leave! Thanks, Jack!

I whip up a quick sketch for some very crude dimensions so I have a rough idea on how much material to buy. The design is from much research and also from some very good tips from some inmates here.

Square tube ends up being about 40% more than schedule 40, but I go with square tube thinking it will be easier to drill for adjustments, and should be easier to miter.

Hot-rolled 3 1/2" x 1/4" and 4" x 3/16" square tube. Square tube is measured by outside diameter, so I chose 3/16" wall on the 4" to be sure that the 3 1/2" doesn't bind on the innner weld seam of the 4".

I bought 2 full sticks (20 and 24 feet respectively), and paid a cut charge to make sure I could transport them safely.

8" diameter x 2" wide, heavy-duty, swivel casters with brakes have been ordered on ebay. This puppy is gonna' be HEAVY!

I love it when a project comes together!
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