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Originally Posted by RoadHD View Post
I'm currently on a ride from London to Cape Town. Loads more pict's, but I just had to share these (and one video)

Personal Land Speed Record - Pendine Sands

White Knuckled Ride after a Light Rain - Nürburgring

One Classic Meets Another - Giza, Egypt

Stuck - Northern Kenya

Really Stuck - Northern Kenya

African Road Hazards - Maasai Mara

VIDEO LINK (click to play):

Helping along the Great Migration - Maasai Mara
Originally Posted by RoadHD View Post
The only 16" dual sport knobbies I could find were Duro's - I would NOT recommend running the Duro on the rear tire - my bike, bags and I weigh more than 500kgs (over a half ton), and most of the weight is riding over the rear tire - simply put, the Duro couldn't handle the weight and started to crack/tear around each knob. I noticed the abnormal wear after one lap around the Nurburgring (I had, maybe 500 total miles on the tire). Simply put, the rear was quickly replaced with a stock Dunlop before I left Europe - although the Dunlop is terrible in mud and sand, I know it can handle the weight I'm running.

The front tire also started to crack/split around each knob, but it didn't become pronounced until a few thousand miles. I really liked the Duro in the front, way more stability in the sand and light mud and ran well for over 10k miles - after a while, I just ignored that they seem to be ripping apart... I switched the front tire yesterday (from London-Turkey, Egypt to Zambia) for a stock Dunlop (I'm anticipating way less mud on roads in Southern Africa). I'm sure I could have ridden another thousand miles on the Duro - but center knobs wore unevenly and the front tire started to vibrate/bounce at 30-45mph.

Finding replacement 16" tires that can handle the weight of a cruiser has proven impossible in Africa. Had I to do it over again, I would have switched to 17" mag rims, loads more tire options.
RoadHD as a lot of experince with this.
In 2009 I rode 18,589 miles on an island that's 72 miles long. That's 50 miles a day everyday for 365 days. I think I'll go home now. 97k miles and still riding my YouTube Channel
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