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This is why smart riders don't try to ride the same pace, or seemingly even slower in this video, than 98% or 99% of the traffic on any given highway.

This ain't a form of relaxation, folks; commuting is about self-preservation and keeping them away from you. It's far, far easier to be the one approaching when a cager like this silver car cuts over (brakes and evasive maneuvers) vs. allowing yourself to get caught up to by a cager - and this is a perfect example of a commuter who is doing it the wrong way.

I did 22,000 miles of work commuting in just about a year, on I-95 where it's an eight to ten lane highway with far too many old drivers, drugged drivers, drunk drivers, crazy drivers and negligent drivers. If you ever see me happily put-putting along like this guy was, please take away my motorcycle license.

IMHO, the motorcyclist in the fast lane seemed to be doing more things right tan this guy - not limited to working with one lane and a shoulder, speed, and staying the fuck away from cagers.

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