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Originally Posted by Mercury264 View Post
So I finally got my ride in yesterday and now that I have my REI jacket (forget the model but it rocks) the only part of me that is cold is my feet. I have booties and I wear thick wool socks but my feet are still freezing.

Suggestions ? Will something like silk and/or goretex type liners help do you think ?
Feet sweat too. Maybe it isn't too cold, but too warm?

I have 3 pairs of booties. From the insulated Gore booties, to the Pro Tarmac booites, to the 'Belgian' booties (ie thick socks). I'll pick which fits the weather best. Oh, and keep an eye on chainlove. They're running specials on the Mavic booties with the chemical warmer pocket in em off and on.

Me? I've got a serious case of the screw-its. Its cold (ish), windy, and overcast. Good day to not ride.

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