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My local Vespa dealer is also a BMW and Royal Enfield dealer. I don't know about how other Vespa dealers operate, but if you bought that $6000 GTS300 from them, you would pay over $8,000 OTD. It seems that dealers that sell more expensive bikes seem to add more fees to them. This is known in the business as "additional dealer markup" and is pure profit. TT&L is a given, but paying hundreds or thousands extra for freight, setup, doc fees, etc., and then conning the customer into buying an extended warranty and a service plan, and maybe paint protectant, is one way to be certain they will never get my business. There is a difference between making a profit and highway robbery. I know the sales manager of a local Kawasaki only dealership, and he explained the whole racket to me, even showing me the paperwork. Most people would be absolutely astounded by how much profit a dealer actually makes on selling a new bike, if the customer allows it.

I have bought 3 new Japanese bikes, including the Zuma 125, before ever going to the dealership. I saw their ad on the Cycle Trader site, and liked the price. I called them up and told them I was ready to put down a deposit right now, if the deal was good enough. It was surprisingly easy to get most of that additional markup dropped, they just could not bring themselves to make a guaranteed profit. I paid a $500 deposit with a credit card, got the exact amount owed, and went in with a cashiers check, so they couldn't pull something at the last minute. If you go in to talk to them, you give them a chance to scam you, which is surprisingly easy even if you are expecting it, when you are sitting there on the bike.

The one piece of advice I have no matter what you are selling, is don't become known as a "stealerdealer" If you have a price tag on something, it should be at least close to the actual price. Trying to make easy money by ripping people off will definitely come back and bite you.
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