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Originally Posted by kbennett2000 View Post
Dysco - Apologies if you already covered this, but I've got a question for you. In your original post you said you preferred heavier dual sports to lighter ones for use in the snow. Since then it looks like you've also tried your hand with lighter, smaller displacement bikes too. Having tried both, what are your thoughts on heavy vs. light bikes in the winter?

Lower would be better for the WR250R, but it's more fun to get squirrely with. I think a lot of it depends on the tire profile- some tires are pointy and sketchy, others are a little flatter and comfy. I did not love the Trakmasters I put on the WRr, but the two rear Trakmaster's worked fine on the F650gs. I'd be interested in trying it with a T43 on the WRr. That might be worth a try down the road.
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