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Plus 1 Good advice.
A KTM 250EXC is 230lbs ready to rock, it will feel like a toy compared to what you are riding now. But get it on trail, and holy shit! Lots of power, amazing build quality, hella hot on the top end, with Trialsable torque, especially geared down. I ran a trials tire on mine some, made playing in the rocks a hoot. Very durable machines, with ubiquitous parts support.

That said; a trials bike can be a blast on trail. The build quality, and the overall design focus on weight and size make for an expensive keeper as a trail machine. For truly foul trail, where you wouldn't take a big bike by choice, they do pretty well, as speeds are low, and you aren't pounding the suspension. High speed stuff is hard on them.

I still recommend that anyone thinking about a trials bike, should buy one. Trials applies to anything with Two wheels, and will improve your riding across the board.
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