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[QUOTE=nokiaj;20301310]Love this thread! I put my hair into one of the neck gaiter/tube/scarf from REI. ( ) - It keeps my hair from getting all tangled and flattened in the wrong directions (my hair is fine and straight...did I say my hair is a board - straight)... I slip it on starting from the neck and just pull it around my hair - leaving it long in the back. Then I straighten my hair - smoothing it to a side part (any way will do) - which works best for my hair. Then carefully put on my helmet - pulling each side of the helmet strap away from my head. This helps the helmet go on without repositioning my scarf, and messing up my hair arrangement. I can do a video if this is difficult to understand..

I haven't tried REIs, thanks for the link! I like the Buff ones and can get them from a local outdoor gear store. I'm not sure I follow what you do with your hair though but no worry: I have my system that works for me too!! And welcome!
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