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RE: those Nemos that make use of trekking poles.

It's a shame they don't have cord attached to the two 'peaks' to allow you to suspend them from things for when you don't have poles. I suppose in a pinch, you could put a small round stone in the peak on the inside and then tether paracord around that to make some. I wouldn't want to do that regularly though.

The reason I suggest this is that I have one of their Gogo bivvys. One nice feature is a short length of cord built into the outside of the tent that allows you to suspend the 'head end' from a tree, or even the handlebars of your bike, if your airbeam gets punctured*. For those really obsessed with pack size/weight, you could do this all the time and remove the airbeam and pump and leave them at home.

Someone on here a couple of years back posted their idea for an ultralight motorbike tent that hung the high point from the bars*. That's the direction of motorcycle-specific tents idea I'd personally like to see developed; using the bike itself to eliminate poles. Handlebars with guards on are ideal for this. In bivvy-type shelters, you can use your helmet to hold the foot end off your feet/legs.

*The way you do it to avoid getting a bike in the head in high winds is pitch the tent so the head end it touching the nose of the bike from the front of the bike; not the side!
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