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I camp a lot so I spend a fair amount of time in a tent. I've owned a very nice kelty that was a world traveler but finally retired due to seam seal letting go on fly.

I picked up a mountain hardware on sale for $150 and I like it but I wish it were a little bigger.

After a major month long ride where I packed way too much shit, I've revised my packing philosophy. I do not run a tank bag, hate them. I do not run duffels strapped to every square inch of available space. If what I need for weeks on the road will not fit in my panniers, I don't need it. I like seat space and an uncluttered look. And I'm a cook too so when I camp I usually have a full cookset.

Tents can easily creep up in size and weight. I heard one guy saying his tent was 14#. Seriously why? Mine weighs four and more importantly packs small. I bought my current tent because the packed size was 18" long so it would fit in my panniers.

I don't care about a roomy tent, thats what booze is for
We're not out here to rough it. We're here to smooth it . Things are rough enough in town.

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