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Originally Posted by Rick West View Post
As it does in pretty much every product made. There will always be someone who has to tell people that his $39 disposable Walmart tent is as good as the premium ones that cost hundreds of dollars more, but nobody is fooled by it. If you can't afford a premium quality tent, then buy one that is in your budget. No need to pretend it's as good or has the same features that the expensive ones have.
But some of us don't care :). I buy 'O.K.' tents from the large outlets when they are on special. Last trip a thunderstorm blew through, my 'el-cheapo' 3 person tent held up fine.

They aren't as 'good' agreed, if I was doing multi-week trips relying on the tent I probably would spend more, but I camp a few times a year, couple of days max, and though it's never happened, if everything turned to shit I could always throw the tent away and find a motel to spend the night.

And I have thrown a tent away, someone threw up on my tent, came back the next day, apologized and gave me $50. That $20 tent went in the campsite dumpster with zero regrets, I was headed home anyway.

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