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Originally Posted by wizz View Post
So, Ive decided on the ergo 365 but am having a hard time figuring out how to get one. Revzilla has one in black that was 20% off, went to order it the next day and sale was over. They couldnt extend it for me because it was a manufacturers sale I guess. I think I want the sand anyway for greater temp versatility (please correct me if Im wrong about this). I have a feeling the black would get fairly hot at low speeds off road, and Im thinking this jacket can handle the trans america trail as well as street on my multi, yes? How do I go about ordering a white ergo 365? Im 6'2 195 slim build, Im guessing XL? Still wondering if the neck vest would be suitable for offroad where get offs, at least for me, are more common.
thanks for all your help and looking forward to being able to try out your gear.


Oh, and I live 5 hours from anywhere which hampers my ability to find good gear in person.

first of all your size: you're an XL both in Ergo Jacket and Pants.
The sand color is the best for summer riding, it needs a bit more of cleaning but the external fabric is teflon treated which keeps stains a bit off.
The neck vest is a perfect combination for the Ergo, just be aware of sizing, I suggest an XXL in fact, because your going to use over the Ergo which is a bit bigger then normal, when used with all layers and pockets. Vest could be easily adjusted over it anyway.
About where to buy, Revzilla is a good dealer for sure, I believe it's hard they discount Ergo because we do not allow discounts on current collections, plus it's very rare to find Ergo because the production in very limited and demand is high.
As an alternative, you can buy from this link (delivery is free):
You can even write to my colleagues in Spidi HQ to ask for more details about payment, logistics etc. :

Thank for your interest

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