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Originally Posted by jdiaz View Post
Finally looked at an ST in the flesh.....a red car that was being dealer traded, so I only got to sit in it. The math doesn't bother me.....a loaded GTI goes for $31k with zero-percent paper most of the year, so a Focus for a couple thou less and 2.9% financing isn't hugely different.

Exterior is stunning, it looks great.

Interior drove me nuts. That massive console, low roof, and small boot just makes the car feel claustrophobic compared to my GTI.

No one could tell me anything about it. I live in truck and SUV country and fart-can hotrods are outside the dealership's comfort zone.

I will wait to see some longer-term reliability data on Ford's direct injection solution, as this has been a huge achilles heel on Volkswagens and Audis with the 2.0T engine.

ps- I don't know what kind of mileage you are expecting. My GTI is rated at 21/29 and it gets 28 in combined driving.
Good article recently in Automobile comparing the GTI to the Focus ST... the author does a nice job teasing out the differences that might not be so apparent looking at each vehicle's stats...
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