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Is that you Fabian?

Hi, I am in Santiago also and am having the same problem with my 990R. My buddy Fabian is also having the same problem so I thought it may be you mate.

If not PM me with your cell and we can talk. Fabian and I have spent looooong hours with Claudio Nilo trying to sort this out and have eliminated some of the variables, looks like you have also so between the 3 of us maybe we can come up with a solution.

Like you have stripped the bike 4 or 5 times now and have checked all the sensors, wires, balanced the throttle bodies, checked the Throttle Position Sensor setting (it was ok within spec), checked the seating of the injector bodies to make sure there are no air leaks or splits.

I now have the cable to link a PC to the ECM on the bike, and have the tuneECU software to diagnose and even remap the bike, althugh I am still browsing up and down the "got tunes" thread to figure this out and not make an almighty fucking mess of it

Having said all this for the last 2 days the bike has miraculously run perfectly. It has done that before however and then just as suddently started idling at anywhere between 2000 and 4000. Interesting when you shut off on your way into a curve fully committed. I have started riding like I did my old 2 stroke air cooled finger on the clutch at all times

Anyone else out there ever had this and know of a solution. Please!?

Saludos - Martyn

Originally Posted by axelh View Post
My 990 with 20k miles, the engine RPMs when you are not accelerating goes up and donw all time, somtimes stay up for some seceonds and then goes down. I cleaned all injector, injector body, fuel filters, etc... but it still do the same, somes idea what can be the problem ?

KMT service told me that I have to change all injector body, but this cost a fortune and I dont think this is the problem.

Thanks for the help !!!!
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