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Originally Posted by Guy Young View Post
Speaking of track bikes, a local friend of mine (and long time COG member) bought an SV a few years ago from a fella in the Gloucester area and set up for track use. Last time we talked, I think he may be wanting to let it go. He joined NESBA and ran it at several of the tracks on the east coast. I also think he may have had it at Road Atlanta on occasion.

I know it's fitted with a Power Commander, but not sure what other goodies he has on it. He also kept all of the street-related stuff he removed, so it could be put back on the road without too much difficulty.

I know he always can back from a track day all pumped, but think he may have gotten all of that out of his system.

If any of you may be interested, I can easily put you in touch with him. He lives about 2 miles from my house.

No interest other than just passing this along.


If you are talking about the previous owner of my first Concours, I back you 100% on how he takes care of stuff....
anything he sells was taken care of, and is a good value!!!!

I kick myself every day for selling that bike after I made it "mine"....and when sold it had 138,000 miles on it....

y'all ride safe and have a nice holiday, I'm in the snow here in Ohio, did get to run thru a tankfull last weekend though....
heading to Hilton Head to see grand kids for New years.
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