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For years I kept my hair long, about the middle of my back, and wore it either in one braid down the back or two braids while I was riding to keep it from getting tangled. When at work I would wear it clipped up to keep it from getting in the way while I worked. One day I realized I was always fighting my hair, went in and had it cut very short. After getting it cut it felt so good, no more fighting my hair, It didn't take hours to dry, and I use less shampoo and conditioner.

The only thing I found that helped my long hair while riding was wearing it in braids. I tried the other things but nothing worked for me. Riding dirt made things even worse since then I would have dust encrusted braids.

It took me a long time to get up the courage to have it cut since I felt long hair looked better on me. I don't know why I thought that since I rarely wore it down. Now I sure do like it short better than long.

With it being short my hair dries fast so I can wash it when I get to camp and helmet hair be gone...... Stopping for a meal if I want to make my hair look it a little better all I have to do is add a bit of water, fluff and go. Damp hair might not be the latest fashion statement but at least it's not slicked down to my head.

Those of you that wear your hair long or medium legnth do what you can to keep it from being a tangled mess which destroys your hair and remember all of us have helmet hair no matter what. Try not to worry too much about helmet hair and trail makeup because it's all the part of the fun.
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