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Originally Posted by davebig View Post
Now I have to ask, is the coating on your bike professionaly sprayed in by a dealer or is this a do it yourself. After talking to guys around my area they will say, "yea my so in so is Rhinoed" then I say "where did ya get it done" the other guy "oh I did it myself" Then I say "nice job" if it looks ok or may be I'll say "that's cool" if it's not so good a job.
Claude posted earlier, and I asked the same question but he didn't reply.
I can't see enough of of your bike to decide if I like it or not.
Rhinoed has become a synonym for bedliner the professional jobs are nicer , I used roll-on water based Duplicolor on my former sidecar it takes several coats applied evenly to look as neat as the pro stuff, I have an 07 Subaru wagon Rhino lined bumpers it fads to a flat black or color unless you ad some treatment regularly, they don't stay nice and shiny.DB[/QUOTE]

The rear fender has been done for two years and no sign of chalking. I think the reason it keeps looking so fresh it's being touched constantly and wiped off and should I say it.... Washed! There it's known I wash my bike, sometimes.

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